Working in prostitution

Working in Prostitution

Do you want to work in prostitution, are you curious or have you been thinking about working in prostitution for a while? You can always visit us without obligation. We will do everything we can to answer all your questions. You can then make the well-informed choice to work as a sex worker in the Penthouse sex club. If you still have a number of questions first, you can also email us via or call 023-5322822

Working in prostitution

The benefits of working in Penthouse sex club:

  • Daily payment. We work with the opting-in system.
  • Everything is financially well arranged in a clean and luxurious environment.
  • Each room is equipped with a shower, bath or jacuzzi. many regulars. This allows you to build up a nice clientele yourself and you can work flexibly.
  • A private space where you can relax alone or with your colleagues can be perfectly combined with a study or other work
  • Sexclub Penthouse is a professional company in possession of all necessary permits. do you have no experience? You will receive all the guidance from both the management and your colleagues so that you learn to deal confidently with all guests.

Who are we

Club Penthouse and Penthouse Prive  has been a household name in Haarlem and its surroundings for more than 40 years. Our name guarantees a pleasant evening. We are hospitable, discreet and create a good atmosphere in which you can work comfortably and quickly feel familiar. We have many fine regulars and the management consists only of ladies.

Do you want to work in Club Penthouse in Haarlem?

If you meet the following conditions, you can come and work with us:

  • are you at least 21 years old
  • Do you speak Dutch and/or English
  • Keep your agreements
  • Look neat and presentable